Drinking coffee reduces pain

-Sufficient sleep and coffee intake in the body to relieve pain are as effective as some of our analgesics, such as, for example, bruven, found a new study.

The research refers to the relief of chronic pain and the sensitivity of pain. Namely, researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Medical Center for Better Israel found that chronic stuttering (avoiding sleep) leads to increased sensitivity to pain. Based on this, the research team assumes that people who suffer from chronic pain can alleviate them in two ways: either for a longer sleep or for taking money to stimulate politeness.

To test their assumptions, the researchers tested the effect of acute and chronic cats on the cats and measured their sensitivity to painful and non-painful irritations. Scientists have also evaluated the effectiveness of standard painkillers such as brufen (ibuprofen) and morphine, compared with a substance that stimulates a substance, such as for example, caffeine and modafinil. Due to precision, small heads were applied to the animals that were able to record electroencephalograms and electromyograms. Mice woke up in a stress-free way with fun-they were given toys and activities to “engage” them in the time they were supposed to sleep.

The researchers found that five-day moderate insomnia was associated with increased sensitivity to pain when men were exposed to various stimuli, such as heat, cold, pressure or hot pepper. The researchers also found that conventional analgesics, such as ibuprofen, did not work on hypersensitivity associated with sleep deprivation, while morphine showed reduced efficacy in relieving chronic pain in animals. But coffee and mefinil are successfully blocking the hypersensitivity of pain in mice. According to researchers, their discovery introduces a new method to relieve pain.

Caffeine also works in humans
As for humans, there are already more studies that show that caffeine can help reduce chronic pain in humans. A study published in the British Medical Journal found that coffee consumption could relieve pain in the neck. Another study, conducted by female students at the University of Georgia, showed that coffee consumption can reduce pain after hard training. In this case, subjects who drank coffee before the workout had 48% less pain after training compared to the control group.

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