European Commission: The referendum In Catalonia Is Not Legal

The Catalan government already announced that 90.9 for every % of residents who went to the choice on freedom circumnavigated the choice “yes”.

Catalonia has 5,340,000 inhabitants with a privilege to vote, which implies that the minority showed up in the submission – 42.3%. 2,020,144 voted “for”.

It was likewise expressed that these outcomes depended on votes gathered by the Spanish police who neglected to seize them. Catalonian government representative Giorgi Turul said the activity by Spanish police kept nearly 777,000 occupants of Catalonia from practicing their rights.

During the day, there were significant disarranges in Catalonia, more than 800 individuals were harmed in clashes of freedom and police controlled by Madrid.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tended to people in general and focused on that “no submission was held” and reviewed that the Constitutional Court of Spain proclaimed that the decree of the natives of Catalonia is unlawful.

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