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April 19, 2021

Group of N.F.L. Owners Warns Jerry Jones and Threatens Penalties

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Jones’ endeavors to crash the five-year augmentation for the official, which has been in progress for a considerable length of time and is almost entire, has irritated a developing number of proprietors, who are furious that Jones has attempted to hold Goodell’s remuneration prisoner as an approach to rebuff the magistrate for his choice to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Jones likewise has been blamed for pushing the CEO of Papa John’s, a pizza chain and an association support, to ruin the magistrate and of releasing false data about the subtle elements of Goodell’s agreement transactions. Two weeks back, John Schnatter, the Papa John’s CEO, asserted that player dissents amid the national song of praise had harmed his organization’s deals.

Jones has denied that he is looking for exact retribution for Goodell’s choice to suspend Elliott for six amusements for disregarding the association’s close to home direct arrangement. Or maybe, Jones has said that he is endeavoring to make Goodell’s agreement talks more straightforward in light of what he calls late stumbles by the association office, including how it has dealt with the dissents by players.

Jones needs all proprietors to have the capacity to approve the subtle elements of Goodell’s new contract, which would start in 2019, despite the fact that the proprietors voted collectively in May to enable the remuneration board of trustees to arrange the specifics of the arrangement.

The six individuals on the board of trustees — the proprietors of the Chiefs, Falcons, Giants, Patriots, Steelers and Texans — have talked frequently with different proprietors about the status of the transactions, and Blank informed all proprietors on the agreement talks at leaguewide meeting in mid-October.

Suspending a proprietor for lead adverse to the class is an unprecedented advance, yet it has happened. Real League Baseball constrained Marge Schott and George Steinbrenner to surrender control of their clubs for timeframes. All the more as of late, the N.B.A. constrained Donald Sterling to offer the Los Angeles Clippers after he was heard making supremacist comments on an audiotape.

The chief would need to force the punishments, and is hesitant to do as such without a groundswell of proprietors pushing him to make a move, as indicated by a few people with information of the circumstance. Rebuffing Jones may incite claims and a considerably messier open battle.

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