Jaguars owner says Trump is ‘jealous’ of the NFL


Shad Khan, the proprietor of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is refering to one of President Trump’s fizzled business wanders as the purpose for late turmoil between the White House and the NFL.


“This is an extremely individual issue with him,” Khan revealed to USA TODAY Sports.

“He’s been chosen president, where perhaps an extraordinary objective he had in life to possess a NFL group isn’t likely.”

Trump: NFL will allow players to kneel during national anthem!

In 2014, Trump endeavored to buy the Buffalo Bills after the passing of group proprietor Ralph Wilson, however his offer fizzled. The group was rather sold to Terrence Pegula and his better half, Kim, who likewise possess the NHL’s Buffalo Sabers.


“We should get genuine,” Khan proceeded. “The assaults on Muslims, the assaults on minorities, the assaults on Jews. I think the NFL doesn’t approach that on the level of being hostile. Here, it’s about cash, or upsetting – endeavoring to soil an association or a brand that he’s envious of.”


Khan, who acquired the Jaguars in 2011, is an independent extremely rich person from Pakistan.

Not long ago, Khan was one of a few extremely rich people who gave to President Trump’s inaugural board of trustees, yet he has since changed his tune, calling Trump an “awesome divider.”


The president has been frank against NFL players who stoop amid the national song of devotion in challenge of social treacheries in the United States, yet the group declared on Wednesday that it won’t instate a govern expecting players to stand.

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