Watch: NFL Players Fight Aqib Talib – Michael Crabtree


A battle softened out up the primary quarter of Sunday’s Raiders versus Mustangs amusement that prompted three players being launched out, including Denver’s Aqib Talib and Oakland’s Michael Crabtree.

Link to the video

On a moment and six keep running by Marshawn Lynch somewhat more than three minutes into the diversion, Crabtree drew in Talib in a piece, and continued to drive him outside the field of play before thumping him to the ground on the sideline. From that point, Talib pulled off Crabtree’s protective cap as he was encompassed by a gathering of Broncos. Bandits players started pushing the Denver players hovered around Crabtree, prompting a fight between the groups.

Crabtree left at to begin with, however then he traded punches with Talib, who still had his head protector on.

At last, Crabtree, Talib, and Oakland monitor Gabe Jackson were shot out from the amusement. Jackson was shot out for pushing an authority.

After the discharges, Lynch escorted Talib past the Raiders’ sideline as Crabtree remained around his colleagues.

A year ago the two players got into a warmed showdown, making Talib grab Crabtree’s chain off his neck amid an amusement.

In the wake of being shot out from the diversion, Crabtree went up to an extravagance enclose Oakland to watch the rest of the amusement. Lynch accomplished something comparative when he was launched out from a Week Seven diversion against the Chiefs and watched the rest from the stands.

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