No Tanks: Joe Thomas Warns Against Losing For QB

Sunday’s much-mockable meeting between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns unites two hopeless establishments, both of whom are required to be in conflict for the best pick in the 2018 draft, for an amusement named by five-year-olds

Both fan bases, and likely both front workplaces, see this season as something of an acts of futility, as neither one of the teams is relied upon to make the postseason, and would rather observe their groups ‘tank’, for absence of a superior word, to increase prime position to choose the player/quarterback of their picking.

But admired Browns veteran Joe Thomasisn’t so beyond any doubt losing to guarantee a pined for prospect is the best thought.

‘It’s dependably a good time for fans and the media to have that story since it gives you folks a comment about,’ Thomas disclosed to Manish Mehta of the Daily News. ‘Also, for fans, I’m certain they appreciate the idealism of looking toward the future in the event that they don’t surmise that the present is brilliant.

‘Be that as it may, it appears like each year the player that you need to suck for winds up dropping and not being the best pick… or, on the other hand what you anticipated.’

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