Pique: I’m Catalan, I’m ready to retire from the Spanish national team!

Barcelona’s defender Gerard Pique gave Catalonia bolster in the autonomy choice and said he was prepared to ready to step down from the Spanish national team if it was a problem.

After arriving at the polling station and revealing that he had voted “For” Catalonia’s independence, fans immediately attacked him and asked the Spanish soccer union to kick him out of the squad.

Pique has freely declared that he feels like Catalan, and if it is a problem he has confirmed that he is ready to leave the Spanish national team.

“If anyone from the Football Association of Spain believes that I will be a problem in the national team, then I am ready to retreat. In Spain, there are many people who disagree with what happened in Catalonia, “said Gerard Pique.

Barcelona’s star said the ban on the referendum would further undermine the relationship between Spain and Catalonia.

“I could not believe it. I thought that they would try to ban the vote, but I’m glad that the whole world could see what it is all about. This decision is one of the worst in 45 years and will only disrupt the relationship between Spain and Catalonia, “Pique concluded.

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