Police Officers Raped A Teenager: My Life Broke Up, They Raped Me For 45 Minutes

The 18-year-old teenage girl from Brooklyn has accused two police detectives of raping her after drug possession.
“My life has collapsed, rape has ruined me,” said 18-year-old Anna Chambers, when she saw a policeman getting into a panic.

The two suspected detectives have been suspended and their pistols and badges have been seized. Internal control is currently investigating the suspects to determine whether they were reported before this case.

The Detectives Edward Martens and Richard Hall on September 14 were secretive in Brighton Plane with their boss John Espney, when the detectives without any explanation went away and went to the van.

They stopped the girl and two of her friends at the Cauter Vault Park. They warned her that they should not drink in the park and have searched them. When the girl found marijuana and a drug “clonopine”, they placed handcuffs on her hands and took her away.
“I had a prozac inside myself, but they did not seize it, but they just told me to keep it in my bottle,” said a girl friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

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