Stadium Roof Will Be Closed For Rest Of Falcons Season, Open For One Soccer Game

Current designs require the retractable top of Mercedes-Benz Stadium to be open for just a single more open occasion this year: Atlanta United’s Oct. 22 customary season finale against Toronto, if climate conditions are good that day.

AMB Group, parent organization of the Falcons and Atlanta United, said Friday the rooftop won’t be open for any more Falcons amusements this season on account of proceeding with take a shot at its motorization.

The hazardous top of the $1.5 billion stadium has been open for just a single occasion so far – the Falcons’ Sept. 17 consistent season home opener against Green Bay – and was shut in spite of superb climate for Sunday’s diversion against Buffalo.

It took around two hours to open the rooftop Sept. 17, far longer than the 12 minutes it is at last expected to take.

An AMB Group representative affirmed that the announcement implies the arrangement is to keep the rooftop shut for all Falcons amusements whatever is left of the season.

All through the arranging and working of the stadium, Falcons authorities had said they proposed to play most diversions with the rooftop open.

The affirmation that it will be shut for whatever is left of football season underscores the proceeding with challenges in getting the eight-petal structure up to speed and particular.

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