Test Your Oakland Raiders Knowledge!

So you think you know a lot about the Raiders? Here’s a hard-hitting quiz that could stump even the most ardent Silver and Black fan.

Which team is the one that orginally drafted running back Bo Jackson, one year before he was drafted by the Raiders?

Can you name the former Raiders assistant coach who once coached an East Bay high school team to an 0-10 finish?

Who is the last Raiders receiver to amass 1,000 yards or more receiving?

The Raiders set an NFL record by losing at least how many games in seven straight seasons?

Who scored the last Oakland Raiders' touchdown before they moved to Los Angeles after the 1981 season?

Which team did Al Davis engineer a trade with to acquire future Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown?

Who is the player the Raiders selected in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL draft with the compensation they received from the New England Patriots in exchange for a trade of wide receiver Randy Moss?

Who is the only player drafted by the Oakland Raiders who also played for the Oakland A's?

Who did Al Davis replace as the Raiders head coach in 1963?

Which first-round draft pick is the most recent one to play in a Pro Bowl as a representative of the Raiders?

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