Trump Spend $1.75 Million on Presidential Furniture in White House


President Donald Trump’s organization is burning through $1.75 million on furniture for the White House and workplaces fixing to it, as per government records.

That incorporates $17,000 for custom floor coverings, $7,000 for “furniture platforms” and $5,000 for backdrop. There’s likewise $12,800 for a custom meeting table from an organization that made one for Richard M. Nixon in 1969 (“Nixon paid for the table himself,” the organization’s site notes).


New presidents ordinarily redesign, and the West Wing experienced huge remodels this mid year. In any case, the total, since the initiation, is marginally bigger than the generally $1.5 million spent by Barack Obama over a comparative timeframe in his organization.


Obama tried paying for some White House decorations out-of-take. It’s hazy if Trump has done likewise.

A White House representative said they were investigating the issue, however did not promptly catch up with remark or more data.

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The spending, followed by a database kept up by the General Services Administration, covers the whole Executive Office of the President (EOP), which incorporates a great many representatives who work in structures nearby the White House in associations like the National Security Council and the Office of Management and Budget.


For example, the biggest single use — $291,000 from a seller of office dividers — seems, by all accounts, to be assigned for the U.S. Exchange Representative, which is likewise part of the EOP.

The acquisition information are regularly wide and unclear, making it hard to find out precisely how and where the furniture will be utilized.

An about $240,000 contract from September with a Virginia-based office furniture merchant offers no depiction past “wood office furniture producing.” Another rundowns $25,000 for “case great furniture.”

All things considered, a portion of the consumptions allude to conceivable use in the private house.

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